Club Argos

91% love it
GayCities Members report that Club Argos has closed
Long time Augusta hot spot
This casual neighborhood bar is home to a diverse crowd.


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      freakybear Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Totallly disappointed
      The bartenders were rude and all about the drama and fake attitudes. I would not even recommend it to my dog.

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      Offnrunnin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great time was had!
      Was lucky enough to spend a week in Augusta recently for work. Club Argos was just a couple of blocks from the hotel where I was staying so I was able to visit it on several nights that week. Some nights were busier than other nights but the staff tried to insure that I had an enjoyable experience. Had a blast early in the week at the upstairs video/karaoke bar and the downstairs bar on the weekend was the place to be. I understand they are the Home Bar for Augusta Pride and really do promote and support the community. Hats off...job well done. We'll see you in June for Pride!

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      asiancutie Over a year ago

      not so much
      It was ok for me. the barista was very nice and friendly. shows started a little late. not enough cute guys., but has the potential. nothing really fancy. There's a video bar upstairs but I didn't get the chance to go there.

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      obsolete41 Over a year ago

      A great new face lift ...
      My best friend and i recently visited Augusta to check out the newly cleaned up Argos,.Sadly we found it was lacking in Energy and not particularly friendly. I realize this isnt entirely the owners fault. I also believe the Bartenders could benefit from some training on serving drinks. they could triple there booze profits with just a few tips. we stayed to see the show and it was amatuerish and dull. the MC was weak and the performers lacked creativity. I know there is true talent in Augusta. seek it out or drop the bit. I believe that Argos is a Decent club if your over 40 and tired of the true gay party scene in ATL. But it could be so much better.!

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      justinboyd Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Drinks are cheap, that's about it.
      There are only two clubs in Augusta as of now, so if you have to go to one this would be it. The other don't bother. I was visiting for three days on a weekend and was told this was a high energy dance club. Uummm, yeah, not so much. It is actually two bars, downstairs they play dance music, charge a cover most nights and no one is there. Upstairs is more like a dive bar and there is no cover on weeknights but they expect you to pay $6 on Friday and Saturday, I'm not sure why. The bar doesn't open until 8pm and got decently busy around 10:30 everynight. The drinks are cheap and good but the bartenders lack the attention to get them to you quickly so you may have to wait for 5 or more minutes. The crowd is diverse with all ages and types. The building is old and small but does the job. Other than the cover and slow bartenders, i would say it's worth checking out. Cruisy level was ok on the weekends. I didn't find out until I was leaving that about 25 miles away across the stae line in Aiken SC, there is a gay bar called Marlboro Station that I am told is really good but I did not get to check it out. The other bar in Augusta called The filling Station, well, just skip it, just FYI.